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Silk Way Tour

A Unique Recruitment & Outreach Opportunity for Single-gender Schools

Dates TBD

Almaty, KZ

Bishkek, KGZ

Shymkent, KZ

Tashkent, UZB

Dates TBD

Almaty, KZ

Bishkek, KGZ

Shymkent, KZ

Tashkent, UZB

Anya Turovskiy


Anya is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about learning and education. Over the last fifteen years, she has helped hundreds of students improve their study and organizational skills, become confident writers, prepare for standardized tests, and gain admission to private schools and universities of their choice.

Anya completed her undergraduate studies in Russian Language and Literature with a Minor in Linguistics at Brandeis University (Waltham, MA) and graduate coursework in Foreign Literature & Culture at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).

Since 2004, Anya has been preparing students for standardized tests (SAT/ACT, SSAT/ISEE) and offering academic and organizational support as well as time-management and writing skills coaching.

Founded in the summer of 2017, TÜR provides customized and innovative recruitment tools to admissions professionals working in international markets and helps international students navigate the complexities of the boarding school and university admission process.


Supporting Students and Parents

TÜR offers customized tutoring, admissions guidance, and assistance with boarding-school placement as well as academic support and guardianship services.

Supporting Admissions Teams

TÜR provides North American boarding schools with a suite of services intended to enhance the schools’ international recruitment efforts through cost-minimizing and time-saving outreach opportunities.

Supporting Local Consultants

TÜR coordinates customizable small-group tours and mini-fairs that allow admissions representatives to connect with local educational consultants in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. We vet our partner consultants and connect only with the industry's best.

Supporting Service Providers

TÜR forms partnerships with educational professional professionals and service providers to offer students, parents, admissions professionals, and local consultants access to the best resources.




We are passionate about finding the right family for each school and are committed to helping boarding schools establish meaningful connections with families and consultants in international markets and create a customized, dynamic and affordable international recruitment experience.

TÜR connects admissions professionals, prospective students, consultants and educational service providers.


 Working with Anya was, to say the least, extremely productive. It is very hard to find such professionals that are so dedicated to their job in Kazakhstan.


       I’ve had bad experience with the process of university counseling before and finally having Anya as my tutor helped me enormously. Together with her I have finished my university applications, even though my previous tutors highly insisted on not applying to the universities I chose, as they are very competitive. 

In a short period of time, we managed to finish everything that was required. Anya helped me meet the serious admission requirements. She saw my potential and used my strengths to help write the best admission essays and additional writing supplements. 


       I never felt hesitated to share my ideas or opinions, moreover, I have never felt this comfortable with someone of her profession. I wish there were more people like Anya in Almaty or in Kazakhstan in general so that more students would be able to get into best universities! 


—  Nazerke K. — College Application Essay

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